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2012 Triple Crown of Running



PHOTOS: Gallery 1 ** Gallery 2 ** Gallery 3

VIDEO: Interview with marathon champ Kilian Jornet

WOMEN'S RACE: Emily Forsberg outruns her Salomon teammates

VIDEO: Interview with Emelie Forsberg

DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE: Why run one race when you can do both?

THERE'S A NEW CARPENTER IN TOWN: Matt's wife Yvonne places eighth in women's race

MASH UNIT: There is plenty of blood spilled in the marathon

VIDEO: Alex Nichols, who eventually placed second) at the summit of Pikes Peak

VIDEO: Kilian Jornet makes the turn in the Pikes Peak Marathon

VIDEO: Steve Gachupin plays "America the Beautiful" at Ascent start


PHOTOS: Gallery 1 ** Gallery 2 ** Summit finish line, awards gallery

PIKES PEAK ASCENT WOMEN'S RACE: Kim Dobson crushes Pikes Peak Ascent record

VIDEO: Kim Dobson crosses the finish line with a new record and a big smile

VIDEO: Interview with Kim Dobson

PIKES PEAK ASCENT MEN'S RACE: Delaney savors victory after painful Ascent

RICKEY GATES: Second-place finisher has seen the world one mountain at a time

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE: Flatlanders Discover The Pikes Peak Ascent Requires Special Preparation

KLOSER'S KLIMB:Mike Kloser rocking it at 52

VIDEO: Jason Delaney interview

VIDEO: Kilian Jornet says Pikes Peak is one of the top three mountain races in the world

PHOTOS: Photos from the Expo and Press Conference

PRESS CONFERENCE: Elite Runners praise Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

SCHEDULE: Complete rundown on all the weekend's activities

RECORDS: Ascent and Marathon overall and age-group records

GOLD IN THEM HILLS: Pikes Peak Marathon, Inc. offers $5,000 to successful Bounty hunters

OPERATION PIKES PEAK: How a volunteer corps of 600 produces the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

PIKES PEAK ASCENT AND MARATHON: Cut the course and face the jury

VIDEO: Interview with Race Operations Lead Susan Guynn

PIKESPEAK SPORTS.US TRIPLE CROWN RUNNERS: Read how six runners of various abilities have prepared for Pikes Peak ... good stuff here

2012 TRIPLE CROWN OF RUNNING: Photos, video and race stories from the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run, and the Summer Roundup

LOOKING BACK: Stories, photos and video from 2010 and 2011


RESULTS: Check Finish Line Indexfor your area running results, click the race link or enter your name in the search tool

PHOTOS: Summer Roundup Gallery 1 ** Gallery 2 **Staring line and awards photos  ** Race start and finish line photos

VIDEO: Start of the Summer Roundup Trail Run ** Interview with men's race winner Ryan Hafer ** Interview with Sage Canaday, 2012 U.S. Mountain Running Champion

WOMEN'S RACE: Fort Collins runner wins, but 19-weeks-pregnant Rachael Cuellar stole the show

MEN'S RACE: Hafer wins again, sets race record

MASTERS RACE: Neal Oseland, Louise Kriel roundup Masters titles


RESULTS: Check out your results from today's Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run and 5K raceson Finish Line Index, the searchable running results data base. Click the race link for overall and age-group results. Or, enter your name in the search tool and see your results dating back to 1991.

MEN'S 10 MILE: Flagstaff runner wins wind-whipped Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run

WOMEN'S 10 MILE: Kleppin wins Garden 10-miler, while expecting mother places fourth

MASTERS RACE: Romero and Kriel dominate the 40-and-over group

GUT CHECK: Outrunning cancer at the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run and other amazing stories

PHOTOS (by Anya Inman):Garden 10 Mile Gallery 1 ** Garden Gallery 2 ** Garden Gallery 3 ** Gallery 4 ** Start of Garden 10 and 5K ** Finish line and awards ceremony

VIDEO: Start of the Garden of the Gods 10-Miler ** Start of the inaugural 5K ** 14-year-old Bailey Blackhurst wins women's race in inaugural 5K ** Lauren Kleppin wins women's 10-mile title ** David Powers wins the Garden of the Gods 5K

BLOGS: Get the inside scoop from the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners


PIKES PEAK ROAD ASCENT: Results ** Photo Gallery 1 ** Photo Gallery 2 ** Video, Start of Road Ascent** Interview Simon Gutierrez and Peter Maksimow ** Interview Brandy Erholtz

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