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the incline

From Incline user Jennifer Strait

it used to be a private, narrow gauge railroad; a funicular. there were small, open passenger cars that slowly articulated the mile-long slope. it wasn’t too long ago when that ended, and the trespassing began.

it might be…


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JQRC is back downtown next week (20 SEP)



What an AWESOME Field Trip we had at Thrive Health Systems ( with 334 runners and 9 newbies totaling 36343 runners to date.…


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JQRC FIELD TRIP to Thrive Health Systems NO run at the pub!!!!!!



FIELD TRIP this week to Thrive Health Systems (4675 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919 719.476.0873) (NO run at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub).…


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Just Because It's a Bad Idea Doesn't Mean It Won't Be Fun!

Go ahead and admit it, we’ve all done some stupid things before.  Some of you may recall childhood memories of trying to “fly” off your roof with an open umbrella to more creative endeavors as a college student powered by the sweet allure of cheap beer…


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JQRC 06 Sept 2016



Great to see so many JQRC volunteers and runners for American Discovery Trail Marathon.


Mark your calendars as we’re having a FIELD TRIP to Thrive (4675 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919) on the 13th…


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JQRC 30 August



JQRC needs volunteers for American Discovery Trail Marathon (05 September) and ADTM runners will also receive a run credit with JQRC as well.

Here is the link:…


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"Get out and get doin'...That's all I gotta say." KN

I use the CASE method of marketing (Copy And Steal Everything).  Keeler North came up with my title.

The Pikes Peak Ascent was last Saturday.  It was like Christmas at my house.  With 5 Eversons running the Ascent and 1 running the Marathon, it was a packed house for a week and it was a blast.

My musings throughout my Mighty…


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Pikes Peak and the F*** It Moment

What. A freakin’ weekend.

Pikes Peak Marathon and Ascent is arguably the biggest deal in the Colorado Springs running ‘hood, and it was a blast being totally immersed in it all weekend long working the expo. Then later seeing old and new friends kic…


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the coin of shame

I wish I only had to write about the Ascent.  Had a great day there.  Going into the race I thought my fitness would allow for a 3:29 and I would have been really happy with that.  So I was ecstatic when I got a second wind above Barr Camp and shuffled my way to a 3:12.

The good vibes continued on Sunday, where another 3:29 up goal was met with a 3:17.  I felt great, and I was prepared for the bomb back down the hill.  The first mile of that downhill went…


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A Lesson from the Peak

Running the Pikes Peak Ascent can never be taken for granted.  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.  Although I haven’t spent really anytime on Barr Trail this year, I have been training for the various events I have on my calendar.  I have done Pikes Peak many times before, so knew what to expect going into the Ascent.  What I didn’t anticipate is having to travel for work the week leading up to the race and then coming down with a cold.  I definitely wasn’t feeling great on race…


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Pikes Peak Ascent Reflection 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikes Peak Ascent reflection…..I’m typing this blog while the Pikes Peak Marathoner’s are preparing for their tough race and I just literally cannot even imagine turning around yesterday and running DOWN the way they all will today!!!!

I had a great race yesterday I would…


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Christmas on Pikes Peak this weekend

Thousands of runners from all over the country will attempt to tackle the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon this weekend. This is a mighty feat with 7,815 ft vertical in 13.32 miles for the Ascent and an added descent for those brave enough to take on the Ultimate Challenge! Each runner has trained for months, if not years, and has mentally prepared herself/himself to persevere to the finish line. With only a couple of days…


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Running for Pepaw!

Am I really climbing Pikes Peak in 48 hours???

My emotions have been swinging wildly this week: "I've got this!"  "I could have trained so much betttttter!" "This will be fun!"  "What was I thinking???"  The usual things that go through your head when you're crazy enough to sign up to run up a mountain. 

The unhappy news that there may be some snow/bad weather this year on the last three miles has put a little bit of a damper on things because I'm an awful…


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It’s the 2nd annual RunFest for the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon this Thursday August 18 from 5-8pm on the grass outside of the Pioneers Museum.  This is an EXTRA RUN for all JQ's runners!!!!! …


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Go For The Gold

 The 2016 Summer Olympics have been the big talk the past week and I have to say I am inspired and a bit overwhelmed at times. I can’t help but wonder how all of these amazing athletes do it!?!?! When 7:00am rolls around each morning I always think about how tired I am.…


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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

As I put the final wrappings on this year's training for the Pikes Peak Ascent, I can't help but look back and realize the way things are.

Many of my friends know that I am on a quest for 20 years in a row of hammering up and sometimes down Pikes Peak for the Ascent and/or Marathon.  This will be number 17.  After Saturday's race, I will be 85% of the way home.  

Oh the things that I have learned!  It's all about training.  The race is just the culmination of busting your…


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JQRC 16 August 2016


It’s the 2nd annual RunFest for the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon this Thursday August 18 from 5-8pm on the grass outside of the Pioneers Museum.  This is an EXTRA RUN for all JQ's runners!!!!!  We’ll also have our 10th anniversary shirts on sale for only for $12.00…


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Unpacking Lessons from the DuDe, Part 2: Miles on my Legs, Voices in my Head

   In part 1 of Unpacking The DuDe, I covered the more technical details about the gear and the systems that I used to travel as light as possible. In subsequent posts, I'll give insight into the decisions I made and offer a day to day run down of the trip. Surprisingly, recapping the journey has led to a larger than expected volume of details. Rather than packaging this into one cumbersome and unwieldy novel that you're unlikely to read, I'll break it down into two episodes which will…


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Xterra 20K Trail Run Review


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