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Love Hate Relationship with the Incline

Why does everyone love the Incline?  To my readers please answer this. 

The negatives:

  • I can't run up the thing so I am just walking
  • To many people, unless it is the winter time or the weather is bad
  • Top section of the trail still needs repair and is one big hazard

The positives:

  • One hell of a leg work out

As you can see I dislike the Incline more than I love it.  Just the other day the attack pack running group completed the Incline. It was early Thursday morning and there were already a couple hundred people on the trail.  I completed the Incline in 38 minutes, which is a personal best, but I only really have one other completion under my belt.  

I have found many other trails in the immediate area that are less crowded and provide a better workout. Just last week I ran Red Mountain for the first time. I had not clue that the trail even existed.  There was one other person on the trail, other than the group I was running with, and there are sections of that trail that are steep!!  Once we got to the top we had the view to ourselves.  There were sections of the trail that were just as steep as the Incline.  Another trail that is close to the Incline is Ute Pass Trail.  The vertical climb at the beginning of that trail will definitely get your heart rate up as well.

So all the people that love the Incline, please keep hiking that trail.  I will stick to the hidden gems in the immediate area that I can actually run and have the trail to myself.  

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