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Happy Mother’s Day to all moms near and far!!!!!!

This week at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant:
- Boulder Running Company
- JQRC Merchandise Table
- Pikes Peak Road Runners

Upcoming Events & Guests @ JQRC through 26 June 2018:
**** JQRC 12th Anniversary 5 June 2018 ****
- Boulder Running Company
- JQRC Merchandise Table
- 22MAY: Pikes Peak Road Runners

Running Quote of the Day:
“I don’t feel like I’m going to be anxiously toeing the line feeling the burden of trying to get a podium finish. I’m feeling like, my God, I can’t believe my body did this again. I can’t believe I was able to put that mileage in and that quality work in.”
– Deena Kastor

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