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Last Sunday I arrived at Memorial Park in hopes to get a head-start up Barr Trail before it got too hot. I ended up high-jacking a ride up to Elk Park with Michael Everson and Roger Austin, two bad-a*% IC'er's. Humbled by their legendary Incline Club status, I tried again to get a head-start in hopes not to hold them up too much. I ended up getting to the car about 20 minutes after they finished. I didn't care (sorry Michael-I'm slow). The run was absolutely beautiful.

The trails were in perfect condition with only a few small snow/ice patches. I wasn't feeling the altitude too much considering it was one of my first runs above 11,000+ feet.Temps were in the upper 40's at the start with little wind and a clear, blue sky. I goofed around and took a lot of pictures so it was a slow run. The trip from Elk Park to Barr Camp was about 11.5 miles round trip. It took me a little over 3 hours.
It was just good to be up there. 

As I continue to train for the upcoming Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Race, Summer Trail Roundup 12k

and Pikes Peak Ascent I will incorporate runs at Elk Park to get used to pushing at altitude and just to enjoy the beauty of this amazing trail. If you haven't done it, I highly recommend it. The access is a little scary as you have to drive down a virtually "blind" access road to get to the lot. Go with someone who knows where it is. 

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