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Behind The Rocks, I found the Kevin Costner to my wolf

I am not an elite athlete, but trail running provides an untapped well of estactic warmth in this woman. 

This last year I threw out previous notions and stopped 'training' or timing myself (bye suunto I still love you).

Starting trail races at an eight minute mile snuffed my fire three miles into the run. Each start meant the thrill and adrenaline rush transforming me to a child. 

In order to reign this enthusiasm I had the pleasure of pacing with friends. Carrie and Katie are trail sisters from Colorado Springs. 

If you have not discovered Carrie's story of her return year post cancer, its inspirational. Katie, also a Mad Moose Ambassador, is a trail running writer & new mom was also on her come back year. 

Mile 1: the race started with sand and rock formations with small nooks and caverns peeking out. Continuing onto miles 2-3 brought small roller coaster hills (see pics). 

After hitting aid station 1 we saw Prada the wonder pup and guide for ultra runner Jessica B. Filling up on one potato chip and an oreo we headed out of the sand pit to slick rock. 

The first 6 miles the Kevin Costner's (Carrie & Katie) held a steady pace at 10-11 minute miles. Discussion flowed on what would happen if we became lost and took shelter in the caverns of the red rocks. 

As the stories of our survival continued throughout 10 miles the small pack began debating who would be eaten first if things should turn for the worst. Odd but interesting conversation as it brought us to naming positive factors as to why you should not eat us. 

Katie, a writer, could tell our story and of course we should not... she has a baby after all. Carrie could speak Spanish, but to her folly so could Jocelyn.

During this discussion after hopping from a larger rock provided the dreaded ankle roll and subsequent rocking and ouch statements. Concerned I would lose my Kevin's, I looked and they were still there. 

The pack made new friends along our trek and soon returned to the sandy roller coaster hills to conclude the adventure. The final mile I stopped to walk as my Kevin's continued at an even pace. 

Turns out the newly made friends were jokingly suspicious as to where I went with Carrie and Katie finishing before me.

SO grateful for my friends (and that I was not eaten).

I highly recommend finding your own Kevin Costner (or wolf) and running Behind The Rocks. 

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