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I wanted to race yesterday. Coach Adam even had the race on my schedule for racing with the big girls. But on my ride on Wednesday, I realized I wasn't ready to race - not at that level. Mentally, I wanted to be lining up and trying my hardest to at least finish on the same lap as the winners. I would have sunk myself deep into the pain cave to do that... And that was the problem. I wanted to race, but the legs still weren't there after 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest. Trying to race would have set back the recovery at least another few weeks. So racing Saturday was out and spectating was in. I really needed to behave and just focus on getting ready for the next big adventure.

But with such a major race right in my hometown, the allure of racing was strong. Strong enough that I seriously considered stripping the gears off my Camber and lining up with the Single Speed women today. I'd get to race, but I wouldn't be facing Olympians and World Champions. Instead I'd be a novice singlespeeder in a group of strong and experienced ladies, riding SS for the first time on a course I haven't even ridden. I've actually never even been at Pulpit Rock before my power spectating yesterday! Nick and I talked about it - it wouldn't have taken too long to convert that bike to SS. I was tempted - so tempted. Something different, something new. Luckily, I think common sense won out here. I felt guilty for asking Nick to SS my Camber, only to have to re-gear it the next day. And I knew that racing singlespeed when I've never even ridden wasn't the smartest of choices. It might have been fun - I might have decided I loved the simplicity of singlespeeding. Again though, I had to make the decision that would bring the greatest long term rewards, not just short term fun. 

So no racing for me. And even Nick decided not to race - not motivated to deal with the heat (he has never liked summer - must be the MN in him.) So with the biggest race Colorado Springs has seen roaring around the dusty single track of Pulpit Rock and State Champions being crowned today, I went for a run. And will do chores... Congrats to everyone who raced yesterday and good luck to those racing today!

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