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Welcome to the Peak Region Cyclist page, a collaborative effort ofPeak Region Cyclist Magazine and PikesPeakSports.us. We will keepthis page updated with fresh information from the magazine andPikesPeakSports.us. If you ride a bike within site of Pikes Peak,you've found a great source of information.

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Peak Region Cyclist is an award winning local publication featuring local trails, bicycle events and group rides, local cycling personalities, local cycling professionals, and grea tcycling photography. If you ride a bike in the Pikes Peak Region you may see yourself in Peak Region Cyclist soon!

Peak Region Cyclist is available at many locations including coffee shops, restaurants, and gyms, but we want you to go to your favorite bike shop to pick up a copy each month and tell them Pikes Peak Sports sent you.

From the pages of Peak Region Cyclist. Local rider Ed Bidinotto spent countless hours and miles navigating Pikes Peak-area roads while collecting information for his new book "Cycling The Springs." Peak Region Cyclist publisher David Pico stopped Ed long enough to toss a few questions his way. Here is the interview.

As we roll into 2011, things are looking good for cyclists in our region and state. While there are challenges ahead for sure, I wanted to make you aware of a recent event that took place in Denver on February 7th and 8th, the Colorado Bicycle Summit organized by our state wide bicycle advocacy group, Bicycle Colorado. Read Allen Beauchamp's report.

It was not awful to be riding along on a flat tire. I had done it before. The tricky part of it was that the weather, being truly Colorado, had changed in a matter of a very few minutes. I was now riding out of the saddle on my little flat tire into the increasing strong winds on Highway 83. Within a few more minutes the wind began carrying huge wet snowflakes, rapidly accumulating on the trees, fence posts, and the road in an artful and lovely fashion. Of course, the heavy wet snowflakes were gently wrapping their little tender arms quickly, alarmingly quickly, around me! Read Tim Watkin's story "Snow Angels provide a needed lift and warm the heart of area cyclist."

From the pages of Peak Region Cyclist: 24-Hour Mountain Bike Champion Cameron Chambers admits he doesn't like riding in the winter with numb feet and fingers. "Sometimes I just plain wuss out," he said. And while he's not a big fan of indoor training, he sees it as a necessary evil. But there are some things you can do to make the "indoor season" more fun and productive. Check out Chambers' article "Some tricks for making indoor training a lot more fun" here!

Laurel Rathbun has been a bike racer for only five years, but the 14-year-old Palmer Ridge High School freshman is among the top young road riders in the country. And that's not easy to do. It takes courage and determination ... an attitude. "I remember races where I was the only girl and when the medal ceremony took place, the promoter would say to me, 'Sorry, we didn’t think any girls would show up, so we don’t have a medal for you.' It’s a good thing that I was not motivated by medals." Rathbun stamped her name on the 2010 Junior National Championships, winning two silver medals and a bronze. She also won the Senior Women Cat 4 title at the Salida Omnium. We caught up with Rathbun over Christmas break. Read a great interview here.

Dates announced for 2011 AscentCycling Series

Sand Creek Sports race director Andy Bohlmann hasannounced the dates for the 2011 Ascent Cycling Series:Saturday, May 15, Palmer Park; Wednesdays June 1 and June 8 at BearCreek Terrace, and June 18 or 19 at Cheyenne Mountain StatePark. The Sand Creek International Classic Pro XCT/UCI C2race is tentatively slated for June 18 at Cheyenne Mountain StatePark, though Bohlmann said he still needs sponsorship help to makeit happen. Read more here...

Ring the Peak MountainBike

ride coming in2011

Mountain Bike riders will have the opportunity tochallenge themselves against everything Pikes Peak can throw atthem in the inaugural "Ring the Peak 100(ish)K" endurance ridecoming in Oct. 1, 2011. Event host Ryan Kohler, a senior coach atCarmichael Training Systems, said the ride will likely take placesometime around the second week of August. Cyclists will negotiatea route that includes tough climbs, rocking descents, technicalsingletrack and plenty of elevation. "This is not an event that aninexperienced rider will want to jump right into," he said. Anexact route is still being determined, but Kohler's event site,RingThePeak.com, does contain a map of the proposedroute. The new ride will be part of the Colorado Endurance Series,which offers unique events with a relaxed vibe. Ring the Peak willnot be timed, entry is free (more info below), there will be no aidstations or volunteer support crew. There are official rules andrule No. 1 is: All riders must be friendly and must always displaya good attitude before, during, and after the event. Please, nowhining, no complaining, or any other B.S. The Forest Service hascapped the event at 74 riders. Kohler said Colorado EnduranceSeries events generally start early in the morning at abreakfast-type place and finish late in the day at restaurant (thatserves good beer). He said locations interested in hosting thestart or finish, can contact him at Ryan.Kohler.MS@gmail.com.Kohler answered a few questions for PikesPeakSports.us Read the interview here...

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