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While my Pikes Peak Sports team mate Cameron has been on a roll, winning almost everything in sight, it was different end to season for me. I also raced at 24 Colorado Springs this year - my first time for this race. Last year, Nick raced solo single speed and I ran his pit. This year, we stuck together for our Duo Mixed attempt at a Stars and Stripes Jersey. We knew it was going to be tough - there were some very strong teams signed up. In the end, we placed second to Sonya Looney and Jon Davis. But it was a solid race and some fun riding.

I've never done solo. I can't imagine how hard Cam was riding the entire time, without stopping. He finished his 18 laps before Nick and I finished out 18th lap! In total awe of that and the effort he must have put out. My only experience in 24 hour racing has been the dizzying - never really resting, insanity that is duo racing. Imagine 10 cross country race efforts, seperated by an hour or so. In between each race, you have to clean bike, get food, drink, change clothes, deal with lights, try to rest and still make it back to transition before your partner finishes his lap. That was my life for 24 hours over the last weekend. It's a good think we've done a few, because I'm tired just looking at that list of tasks!

Racing at Palmer Park was so much fun. We didn't hit some of the more technical or popular trails, but there was enought to keep me on my toes. It was honestly the hardest course I've ridden at a 24 hour race this year. And that was with just a little chunk of Templeton Trail! But we so rarely get to ride many of those trails at race pace. It was a treat to be able to fly around that course, knowing I wouldn't run into anyone. And riding under the full moon was sublime - with the rocks of Little Moab faintly shadowed under the light of the moon. I was privileged to ride the sunrise lap again, and it was such a beautiful sunrise. The clouds tinged with pink as Pikes Peak glowed as the sun burst above the horizon. Finally, being one of the last people out on the course as the clocked ticked down towards noon. I really enjoyed the race and had a fun time racing with my husband. We may not have had the success that Cam did, but we are still thrilled with our results. A long day that finished out a long season of racing.

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