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Tim Bergsten recommended Jack Quinn’s Running Club, the Colorado Running Company, and Boulder Running Company as ways for me to get started in my running endeavors.  Through his Web site, Pikes Peak Sports, he shared a link wherein Boulder Running Company invited women to join their Women’s FIT Team for a ten mile race coming in June.  Orientation was February 6th, and the training, education, and camaraderie they offer were exactly what I was looking for!


Confucius says, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” so these are the steps I’ve taken so far towards getting fit:


Step 1:  Eat healthy

Weight Watchers has always worked for me, so I rejoined in April 2010 to lose 60 lbs. for a Christmas cruise.  Debarking the ship meant I had reached my goal, but it was difficult to get re-motivated once there was nothing to work towards.  Experts and nutritionists say this is “lifelong,” so for me to maintain success, I have to set goals along the way; otherwise, I quit. 


Step 2:  Exercise

I should’ve been working out from Day One.  That way, I could’ve avoided all this sagging skin and would’ve lost more weight by the time the cruise arrived.  But all these shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’s are in the past, and now I’m only interested in moving forward.  For my new goal to be effective, it had to have a deadline, so what better way to do that than with this summer race?


Step 3:  Support

People are more successful at losing weight when done with a friend, so I’ve asked mine for help.  Several have committed to walking/running with me, and one has even joined WW.  My husband and I are joining my son’s gym, so with all this accountability and support, how can I fail?  I look forward to all the friends I’ll make through the Women’s FIT Team as well.


Step 4:  Shoes

After the FIT Team meeting today, Tommy at BRC did a gait analysis, made some recommendations, and fitted me with a new pair of “kicks”!  (Mention my name when you buy your shoes so I can earn a free pair through their Frequent Buyer Program!)   His experience and professionalism are what you can always expect here!


So … what first steps are you taking on your journey?  How can I support you?

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