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Cycling and other Outdoor tips from REI

We are on REI's Gear Mail email list. The current issue is on cycling: Rock the Bike Lane. If you you don't subscribe, it's worth taking a look. The videos on riding in traffic are very helpful.

REI's Gear Mail newsletter link to current issue:


Direct link to REI article (with…


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A little respect for Mother Earth on her special day

While you're out running, riding, or climbing the Incline today, take a deep breath and inhale the sweet spring air. Pause for a moment. See this beautiful place we live. See it with your heart.

Happy Earth Day, Mom!


Here are some of our favorite quotes about caring for the environment.

Every day is Earth Day. ~Author Unknown

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. - Henry David…


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Colorado Springs' Tommy Manning finishes 127th at Boston

Click here for updated and complete resultes for Pikes Peak-area runners.

Tommy Manning, the Fountain Valley High School teacher and coach from Colorado Springs, placed 127th in the Boston Marathon on Monday. Manning posted a time of 2:35:57.

He had entered the race with hopes of finishing in the Top 25 after a 34th-place finish (2:25:57) in…


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UCI XCT Mtb Race @ Cheyenne Mountain State Park July 9 - 11, 2010

Would you be interested in helping with "Road Guard Duties" at this International Mountain Bike Race? This is a chance for you to watch, and possibly meet, the ELITE mountain bikers from around the world. Three people are needed for each of 5 shifts of about 6 hours each. Multiple days are also available. If interested send your e-mail address and we will forward the contact information to you. Our e-mail address is…


Added by Mike and Lorena Wilder on April 15, 2010 at 9:58am — 2 Comments

Free Happy Hour this Friday with Team In Training!

This is on the event calendar, but wanted to get another reminder out...you can also send me (Nicole Drummer) a message if you have questions about Team In Training. Thanks!…


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Platte River 1/2 Marathon

I originally posted this on my blog, pedestrianrunner.blogspot.com, but I thought I would share here as well. I hope you enjoy this!


Howdy all! I am excited to tell you guys all about my latest race, The Platte River Half Marathon in Littleton, CO. The race started at 9a so I didn't have to get up too early to make the drive. I started the day with a shower. Normally, I don't do that before a race because I am just going to sweat anyway. But the shower…


Added by Christi Keiser on April 13, 2010 at 12:13pm — 2 Comments

Group ride

Just wondering. Is there a ride on Sunday, tomorrow with the WMBA. where and what time?

thanks, Kathy (just heard about you from the Gazette article)

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Take a ride to support the Marian House

Many of you have already heard about our participation in Cycling for Change (C4C), a nationwide bike ride to bring awareness to the issue of poverty in America. What you may not know is our CEO, Jason Christensen, will be participating in this 5,000 mile bike ride in 100 days, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We hope you will support him in this endeavor by sponsoring him with a flat donation or an amount per mile. All proceeds will go to the Marian House Poverty Reduction…


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Yuba Mundo Take 2

(via www.upadowna.com by Yeti)

Well folks since receiving the 21 Speed Yuba Mundo a few months ago I have not had nearly enough time on it! Seriously, I

am so stoked about this rig I keep letting other folks use it. Over the

past few months…

Added by Randi Hitchcock on April 6, 2010 at 10:25am — 4 Comments

First Garden of the Gods training run of the year

The alarm went off at 5:30am and I rolled out of bed. I had my running clothes all laid out so I could get dressed quickly. I drank some water and headed over to the Garden of the Gods. As I was driving into the Garden, the moon was still up and it was dark. I thought to myself, nothing like a trail run on rocky terrain at night.

I pulled into the main parking lot and was surprised to see a lot of people already there. They were all geared up with cold weather running gear and head… Continue

Added by Brian McCarrie on April 6, 2010 at 9:13am — 3 Comments

Garden of the Gods training runs start tomorrow!

Don't forget the Garden of the Gods training runs starting tomorrow morning at 6:00am in the North parking lot of Garden of the Gods. See you there.

Added by Brian McCarrie on April 5, 2010 at 9:06pm — No Comments

The Bicycling top 50 cities

Just got the latest issue of Bicycling magazine where they listed what they considered to be the top 50 US cities for cycling. Colorado Springs was listed as number 18. Below is the full list.

1. Minneapolis

2. Portland, OR

3. Boulder CO

4. Seattle

5. Eugene, OR

6. San Francisco

7. Madison, WI

8. New York City

9. Tucson, AZ

10. Chicago

11. Austin, TX

12. Denver

13. Washington, DC

14. Ann Arbor, MI

15. Phoenix/Tempe, AZ

16.… Continue

Added by Brian McCarrie on April 5, 2010 at 8:33pm — 1 Comment

Windy road ride this morning.

20 mile road ride this morning in the wind. Started at my house over by Garden of the Gods, rode up Filmore East to Centennial. Took a left on Centennial and down to Garden of the Gods Rd. Continued on Centennial all the way out to where it turns into Woodmen. It was windy on Centennial. Had a head wind for a few miles there. Once I was on Woodmen, I took it down to a road called Orchard Valley Rd. Orchard Valley is a steep climb that brings you back up to Centennial at about the…


Added by Brian McCarrie on April 3, 2010 at 6:30pm — 4 Comments


I created my personal blog (http://tricarmack.blogspot.com) as a way to share and express my passion for multi-sport. It's also provided me an opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals across the globe. I travel frequently on business and now have an opportunity to participate in runs, rides, and tri's with other athletes when I'm in their cities. It's been so much fun. Now, if I have a business trip planned, I search for a race in…


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Simply … Continue

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Register to ride the Pikes Peak Highway from the toll gate to the summit

Assault on the Peak registration is open!

Click Assault on the Peak to sign up.

From the event Web site.

Finally, a race/rec ride from the Pikes Peak toll gate to the summit. Summit Cycling Promotions has it lined up for Aug. 29.

This from the…


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Meadow Muffins joins running craze

Meadow Muffins is kicking off the Muff's Running Club on Thursday, April 1.

And this is no April Fool's joke. The running craze is back in Colorado Springs with organized runs setting participation records on almost every Saturday.

So lace up those Nikes and head on down to this long-time watering hole in old Colorado City.

The 5K run begins at 6 p.m. You don't have to run - especially if you've already had a couple. Walking the distance is fine, too.

There will…


Added by Pikes Peak Sports on March 31, 2010 at 9:37pm — 2 Comments


Simply Up a mountain Down a beer. This site serves as a means to

bring people together in a celebration of like minded folks. The focus

of this blog is to allow a doorway into the hills by providing

information on backpacking, hiking, camping, cycling, climbing,

bouldering, wilderness survival, skiing, snowboarding, and beer!!!

There are going to be deviations to the theme brought about by the…


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Hilly road ride this morning.

I started at my house over by Garden of the Gods and took 31st South, crossed over Hwy 24 past the Red Rock Canyon parking lot and around to 26th St. Took 26th st. south to Lower Gold Camp and past the Section 16 trail head. Took Lower Gold Camp up past the top of the chutes to where the pavement ends. Turned around and back down to 21st St. Took 21st St. south to Cheyenne Mtn Blvd. Took that west to the entrance of Cheyenne Canyon where I stopped to strip down a…


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Kids eat veggies? Get them started early!

About a year ago, my husband and a friend of his started a small organic garden on my parent's ranch south of Fountain. Since then, it's become a 16-member CSA that grows over 20 different types of veggies and fruits.

Being a part of that has brought many changes to our life. We have moved from our mountain playground in Green Mountain Falls, to the plains. Another change I've noticed is our 2 year old son. When we would include lettuce and other store-bought greens from the store, he… Continue

Added by Randi Hitchcock on March 26, 2010 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

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