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Frustrated, but Thankful!

 actually wrote this post yesterday and almost submitted it, but chose to sit on it for a day and look at it again today. I don't usually do that, I usually think of something I want to share during a run and then just sit down, write, and then hit submit.

I do not know why I chose to sit on this one. Maybe it was the hope my thoughts about my race would change or maybe it was the sheer vulnerability I put in writing. Truth be told, it was both. My friend Dan Angeles suggested that…


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I Ran Laps Right Round Baby, Right Round...

Any time I can use lyrics from '80's or '90's music in life I get happy! This particular song was in my head the ENTIRE time I ran yesterday.

How happy are you that the hill of awesomeness times three is over?!?  I have never run the Summer Roundup before so I'm not sure what the course was like in past…


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Leg #2/Summer Round Up--Don't quit!

Summer Round up is in the books. I started the weekend in beautiful Vail for the Vail Hill Climb. It was a great morning with great temperatures. However, my body was trying to get the best of me. My motto was to take one step at a time until I crossed the finish line. I was successful in completing the Vail Hill Climb but it was exhausting. I tried my best to rest and hydrate for Summer Round up.

This morning I woke up early ad tried to prepare as much as I could for the run. Stomach…


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I Get to Run In Colorado Springs, CO!!

Now I know I am biased because this is where I started my running career, but I am spoiled.  

I was just on vacation in western New York, Bemus Point to be exact, and the humidity just kills me.  I had to go out on runs at 6am and five minutes into the run I was soaking wet and miserable.   I needed the miles so…


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JQRC 11 July 2017

Buckle up and Giddy up Quinnian’s!


It’s Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo parade this week starting at 6:30 on Tejon St from St. Vrain and ending at Vermijo.  PLEASE get  your run in early, use Cascade or Nevada, and don’t cross during the parade!…


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Running in the good old Mile High


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Training Roundup

No time like the present (and a long holiday weekend) to really get serious about this little jog up and down a mountain, right? 

Carrie and I formed an ambitious plan to double up longer efforts this weekend with a Rampart Reservoir loop on Sunday and a high-altitude marmot scramble on Monday. She…


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On Super Mario and Mt. Washington

I really thought that I would have oodles to say after Mt. Washington a few weekends ago. It was, after all, anxiously anticipated by me for weeks. And months. And to sort of a weirdly obsessive extent. Maybe because I'm weird and should get a life.



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JQRC 04 July

Happy Independence Day Quinnian’s!


Celebrate America’s 241st with us.  We’re signing in downstairs this week.


Joining us this week at Jack…


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Grey Muzzled Marmot Sighted on Pikes Peak


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Summer Roundup Trail Run - 11 days and counting!

I just registered for the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown Series! The Summer Roundup Trail Run will be on July 9th! 

I truly love the challenge of Bear Creek Trails. The views are spectacular and the entire race is on trails. There are some good hills that keep runners honest. If you run smart, you also get some good opportunities to gain ground on the long downhills!

The 3-loop course will weed out the runners that have been doing the work from those that have not. I may be in the…


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JQRC 27 June 2017

What an OUTSTANDING field trip last week. Thank you Boulder Running Company…we can’t wait till the next one!!!!!! 


We are back downtown and joining us this week at Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant:

- Boulder Running…


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Grey Muzzled Marmot in Dangerous Spot Yet Again


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Long Term goals still in sight, even through the haze of loss

Over the last few years, I have experienced the loss of many people close to me. From family members to former students. The saddest part is that in my life time I have attended more funerals for young people taken too early. The hardest losses have been the losses of my two grandmas, my grandpa, and my mother-in-law.

My Grandma Cherry passed away almost 3 years ago, at the age of 93. She lived with my family through most of my childhood. She helped my parents care for us, came to all…


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Anatomy of a Comeback Year

At the 2017 Super Half-Marathon

The Garden of the Gods 10-Mile Run has come and gone.…


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With a Little Help From My Friends

As many of you all know, Colorado Springs has an amazing running community. While I don't have anything to compare it to, I can not imagine it could be better anywhere else. 

This year my training, racing, and life in general has been significantly improved by that community. I don't believe I would be as fit as I am or as far into my "comeback year" as I am if it weren't for the community, especially my "neighborhood." The past two weekends have really brought that into…


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Everybody loves a FIELD TRIP and we’re having one to Boulder Running Company (3659 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 278-3535) this week.  NO CREDIT for being downtown. 


Come run on the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice 1023 pm…


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Lions Runners and Bears Oh My

No lions on the course this year for the Garden of the Gods 10 mile and 10k, but there were plenty of runners and one bear.  I did not witness the bear on the course but Don Sanborn snapped some pictures and those pictures went viral.  Thank you to the bear that wondered out on…


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First Leg Complete!

The first leg of the Triple Crown of Running, is complete. The Garden of the Gods 10 Miler and 10k were ran yesterday. I competed in the 10 Miler. My goals for the race were:

My Goals, My REALITY for tomorrow:

1. Have fun!



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