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Welcome, Gerald "G- Man" Romero! TBE--(The Best Ever) !!!

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Posted on May 24, 2016 at 1:34pm

Re-Cap of my 2015 Season

Posted on January 14, 2016 at 12:00pm


   *All links are in blue.

To follow my race results on Athlinks:

  Bio/Career Highlights:



Previous Racing Teams include:  Boulder Running Company and Young at Heart Racing Team (Craig Young)


AGE: 44- September 1, 2015  

Live in Colorado Springs, CO

Competitively racing since 1985.

OTHER SPORTS I HAVE COMPETED IN:  Baseball, Soccer, Triathlon, Duathlon, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Swimming. 






1. 1/1/15-- Rescue Run 10k- -- 10th 0verall, 6th- 40-44, 41:44
2. 1/10/15—Quicker Quaker 5k—Colorado Runner Racing Series Race—16:11—60 points-Master’s open--4th place Master--14th male overall-- 19th overall.
3. 1/17/15—Frosties Frozen 5 mile—RRCA Championships-Denver-CO—30:45—5th-40-44—31st overall—29th male overall—Colorado Runner Racing Series Race
4. 1/18/15—Prairie Dog Half Marathon—Louisville, CO—7th overall—1st -40-49—1:24:50—6:29 pace
5. 2/2/15--Super Half Marathon- 19th overall- 5th 40-44- 1:26:56
6. 2/8/15- USA Cross Country Championships—Boulder, CO—Flatirons Golf Course—Master’s 8k—31:31—Ranking = 74.26%--68th overall
7. 2/9/15—Ralston Creek Half Marathon—Arvada, CO--1:31:40-- hilly course--6:59 pace--4th place age division--24th overall male--29th overall. 
8. 2/14/15—Heart throb 5k—Arvada, CO—18:06—8th place overall—1st place 40-44
9. 2/21/15—Snowman Stampede—10 mile RRCA Championships—Denver-CO-1:02:23—2nd-40-44—12th overall
10. 3/1/15—Spring Runoff 10 mile—Pueblo-CO—Dutch Clark Stadium—10 mile—cold, sidewalk snow packed--1st Master Overall !!
11. 3/14/15—Run through time—Salida, CO—Half Marathon—7th overall—2nd in the 40-49—1:42:22—muddy and rolling hills trail half marathon at 7000 ft.—7:58 pace
12. 3/15/15—Runnin of the Green—7k—Downtown Denver—44th overall—43rd male overall—26:18—7th place-40-49
13. 3/22/15—Spring Fever Half Marathon--Arvada, CO—7th overall—6th male overall—1:25:05—2nd place-40-49
14. 3/28/15--Brain Booster 5k—AFA- 2nd overall—19:28
15. 4/4/15—Inaugural Three Creeks Half Marathon—Cherry Creek Resivoir--1:25:37 chip time--pace=6:32--15th overall--13th overall male--2nd place age division award-40-44 (beer growler with race logo and runners roost gift certificate).
16. 4/5/15--Hams and Hamstrings 5k- 1st overall- Co Spgs- 19:28
17. 4/12/15—Platte River Half Marathon—1:24:15—26th overall, 22nd male, 5th place-40-44—6:26 avg pace
18. 4/18/15-- Inaugural - Rattler 10k- Palmer Park- 1st overall- 45:13
19. 4/19/15—Horsetooth Half Marathon—1st Master overall—15th overall—1:25:36-- $50 prize money
20. 4/25/15- Cheyenne Mountain Trail Race—relay team—me and Patrick Vigil—overall relay team – 1:59—25K relay.
21. 4/26/15—Cherry Creek Sneak—Denver—5 mile—30:25—raining and cold—15th overall—3rd-40-44
22.  Saturday-5/2/15--Greenland 8 mile--Larkspur, CO--3rd overall behind Andy Ames--51:36--new pair of sunglasses.

23.  Sunday-5/3/15--Colorado Half Marathon--Fort Collins--1:23:11--16th overall--2nd Master overall award.

24.  Saturday-5/8/15--Ordinary Mortals Sprint Triathlon--CSU-Pueblo Campus-- 9th overall-- 1st place division champion-40-44-- 1:04.   * I have Qualified for the USA Triathlon 2015 Olympic Distance Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in August 2015!!   

25.  Saturday-5/16/15-- Race to the Shrine 10K-- 2nd overall-- 43:14--  less than a minute behind 2nd place.  Start at the Broadmoore-4+ mile climb to the shrine and 2 miles down into the finish line at Moose Lodge in the zoo. 

26.  Sunday- 5/17/15-- Colfax Marathon URBAN 10 MILE-- Denver, CO-- 7th overall-- 2nd place division award-40-49-- 1:03:27 chip time !!!  Sunny, humid.  Blister on left heel after downhill at Race to the Shrine 10k. 

27.  Monday--5/25/15-- Bolder Boulder 10k-- 37:12 chip time-- 5:59 avg. pace-- splits= 1. 5:57--2. 6:00--3. 6:09-- 4. 6:01-- 5. 5:51-- 6. 6:01--  218th overall-- 3rd out of 404 division place-- gender place= 208 out of 20,931. 

28.  Saturday--5/30/15-- Big Mountain Half Marathon-- 3rd overall-- almost caught 2nd place-5 seconds behind-- awesome finish !!--  1:42-- hot and sunny-- Columbine trail to Gold Camp road- out and back.

29.  Friday and Saturday-June 5,6-- Ragnar Trail Relays-Snowmass, CO-- 24 total legs for 8 person teams for 48 hours straight- each team member did 3 legs-- 6.7 miles, 3.8 miles, and 4 mile legs on brutal trails at 8000-9000 feet of altitude. 

30.  Sunday-June 7, 2015-- Drennans Dreams 5k-- Denver, CO-- 18:28--6th overall-- 80 points for the Colorado Runner Racing Series-- I have just moved into 3rd overall for the Master's Division.  Very hot rolling hill road course. 

31. Saturday- 6/13/14--Mount Evans Ascent--  14.5 mile -Americas highest road race start line at 10,264 feet to 14, 264 feet-- 11th place overall--1st place 40-44-- 2nd Master overall-- 2:05:55-- 8:41 avg. pace-- started out with 7:37 miles/finished with 9:43 miles.  This was my first Mt. Evans Ascent. 

32. Sunday- 6/14/15-- Garden of the Gods 10 mile-- 1:05:31 chip time--4th Master overall award--23rd overall-- 21st male overall-- 6:33 pace. 

33.  Saturday-6/20/15--Sailin Shoes 10k-- 6th overall-- 1st place Master award ($100 food gift card)-- 37:59.  Hot and windy. 

34.  Friday- 6/26/15- Blue Moon Trail Run series No. 1-- 5k-- Ute Valley Park-- 19:35-- 3rd overall.  Hot and humid.  Tough rolling hill trail. 

35.  Saturday-6/27/15- Slacker Half Marathon-- Loveland to Georgetown -  start at 10,600 ft. and finish at 8, 500 ft.  10th overall-- 1:20-- 2nd place 40-44 award.  Hot and sunny. 

36. Saturday-7/4/15-- Palmer Lake 4 mile-- 24:29--24th overall--23rd male overall-- (course actually 4.1 miles)-- 4th place 40-44.  Hot. 

37.  Sunday- 7/5/15-- The Vail Hill Climb- Vail, CO-- 10th overall-- 9th male overall-- 50:00--3rd place-40-49 award.  8,500 feet to 10, 500 feet. 

38.  Sunday-7/12/15-- Summer Round-up 12k-2nd leg of the triple crown of running- East side of Bear Creek Park-- new course ( 3 loops clockwise)-- hot and humid-- 46:18-- 9th overall-- 1ST MASTER OVERALL CHAMP !!!!

39.  Saturday-7/18/15-- Classic 10k - Tiffany Square to Monument Valley Park- 36:38- 29th overall-24th male overall-- 4th place 40-44.  Hot and humid. 

40.  Sunday- 7/19/15--Barr Trail Mountain Race-12.6 miles- To Barr Camp and back down-- 7th overall--1st Master Champion !!  $100.00 prize money and Master champion railroad spike.   Fell twice on the way down !!

41.  Saturday-7/25/15-- Prairie Dog Series Half Marathon- Castle Rock- Sunny, hot, humid, slightly rolling cement path-- 1st place overall !!-- 1:22:00. 

42. Friday-7/31/15-- Blue Moon Series Trail Race #2-- 8k-- Tied for first place in 31:17 chip time but gave me 2nd overall with gun time of 31:18.  Ute Valley Park rolling hill trail loops.  Leading the Long Series going into Race #3. 

43.  Saturday--8/1/15-- Rocky Mtn. National Park Half Marathon-- Estes Park-- 1st Master Overall-- 6th place overall-- 1:26:56-- this is also a Colorado Runner Series Race-- I got 100 points-- now with 550 points, 200 points behind 1st place Todd Straka.   It was a nice cool mild start as the sun was still behind the mountains in Estes Park.  Got sunny in the final 5 miles.   The race went around a reservoir and then a hilly climb in mile 3, and a gradual climb to mile 9 and then downhill into the finish back at the reservoir.  Altitude=7,600 feet.   Beautiful finisher medal, Awesome Gold 1st Master award with an annual pass to all National Parks. 

44.  Friday and Saturday-August 7th, 8th-- Ragnar Relay- 200 miles from Frisco to Snowmass-Team of 12-- 3 legs a piece- I ran 10.4 miles-6miles-and finished with a 2 mile sprint on my last leg-  24 solid hours of running, eating, no sleeping, and partying !!

45. Saturday-8/15/15-- Pikes Peak Ascent !!--  2:45:43 chip time-- 1st Master Overall-- 12th male overall-- 13th overall place-- Was on 2:30 pace to Barr Camp-- a huge drop in barometric pressure after that caused tough conditions and made the elevation feel higher as many of us felt on Saturday-- Lost some time after A-Frame and struggled for a bit but pressed on and had a spectacular last one mile in which I moved up to 12th and obtained the first Master Overall title. 

46.  Saturday-8/22/15-- Doherty 5k open run at Monument Valley Park-- completed the open race on the Doherty band team.  I helped them win 2nd place in the team competition and I won 1st place overall with an 18:34 on the high school cross country course.  Very hot and sunny. 

47.  Friday-8/28/15-- Blue Moon Trail Series Race #3- 10k - Ute Valley Park-- Tough course- 40:48 chip time-- 6:35 pace-- 3rd overall-- 1st place overall champion for the long series !!   Total combined time=1:31:40. 

48. Saturday- 8/29/15- Breckenridge BreckCrest half marathon-- 2:03 - 9th overall-- This race was 6 miles straight uphill on a very crude rocky trail- about a mile rolling at the top of the crest and then a very hard rocky wagon trail back down the ski slopes finally to a smoother dirt road  down to a single track and then a sidewalk into the finish.   This was a not my type of course because I could not use my speed on the downhill -- my climb up was great but could not capitalize on the rocky downhill for fear of injury so I had to slow up as I did not have protection on my right ankle which is prone to turning.    we topped out at about 12,000 feet with a 9,000 foot start. 

49.  Sunday-9/6/15-- Disney Half Marathon- California--    Pretty Awesome !  My first Disney Half Marathon-- I was 8th male overall-- 9th overall out of 18,000 plus racers-- 3rd Master Overall-- 1:22-- hot and humid with 60% humidity.  Mostly flat road race. 

50.  Monday-Labor Day- 9/7/15-- American Discovery Trail Marathon--  New course- a couple miles south from America the beautiful park and then back up North up to the South Trail entrance into the AFA, turn around and then back South to American the Beautiful Park-- It started getting hot-- 13th overall-- 11th male overall-- 2:13:31-- 1st place 40-44-- 4th Master Overall--  I AM STILL THE DEFENDING MASTER COURSE RECORD CHAMPION ON THE PREVIOUS COURSE FROM PALMER LAKE !!    MY RECORD WAS STILL NOT BROKEN ON THIS COURSE SO I AM STILL THE MASTER COURSE RECORD HOLDER.

51.  Sunday-9/13/15-- Colorado Springs Race for the Cure 5k-- Garden of the Gods-- rolling hill road loop--2nd overall-- 19:00.    The race was not officially timed for chronologic results so results not posted on any site.  Awards only given for 1st male and female overall. 

52.  Saturday-9/18/15-- Inaugural Hermit Pass Half Marathon- Westcliff, CO-- I am the defending champion with a win in the half and current record holder-- 1:52:40-- Tough rocky climb out to the turnaround point and same course back to the start--start at 9,750 feet and top out at 10,170 feet at the turnaround point.  

53.  Sunday-9/19/15-- Wheatridge Farmers 5000-- Wheatridge, Denver-- Colorado Runner Series Race -- 4th male overall-- 5th overall-- 18:17-- neiboorhood rolling road course with a lot of turns-- hot and sunny-- got 80 points for the series and stay in 3rd place for Master's open division 60 points behind 2nd place. 

54.  Saturday- 9/26/15-- Octoberfest 8k- Sky Sox Stadium, Co Spgs-- 5th overall-- 29:30-- hot and sunny with an uphill climb up North and gradual downhill coming back the same way.  Won a 1st place 40-44 medal.   Also, the final race in the Colorado Runner Race Series-- I will take 3rd place overall in the Open Master's Division.   I did beat Lenny who will take 2nd overall in the Master Division but it will not be enough to move back into 2nd. 

55.  Sunday- 9/27/15--  The Colorado Springs Half Marathon- The USA Track and Field Colorado 10 mile State Championship this year -  Downtown Colorado Springs-- 1:23:02-- 9th male overall-- 11th overall-- did last years course semi backwards-- still plenty of gradual hills along the way with a hot and sunny day.   I was officially 3rd Master overall-- my only  award I took home was a medal for 2nd place 40-44-- I did not win any USA Track and Field awards as they only gave an AGE GRADED award to the first Master who was closest to the world record for THEIR AGE-- My Denver Roost Teamate , Jay Survill actually was the Master age graded winner, only the top 5 overall were given the USATF overall medals and cash. 

56.  Saturday- 10/3/15- Rim to Rim 10k-- Canon City, CO-- 1st place overall champion !-- 31:15.  $ 100 bucks in prize money.  New 10k course record holder.

57.  Sunday-- 10/4/15-- Hot Chocolate 15k-- Denver, CO-- 56:31-- 4th overall-- 1st place 40-44.  overcast rolling hill road course downtown Denver with a lot of turns.

58.  Saturday- 10/10/15-- Mine to Mine 9k- Cripple Creek, CO-- 4th overall-- 31:15-- 1st place -40-44-- got the mine ore core drill.  Missed the $100 in gold nuggets by one place.  Tough high altitude road race.   

59.  Sunday-- 10/11/15-- XTERRA Half Marathon-- Cheyenne Mtn. State Park-- 3rd overall podium medal-- 1:48:58. Very hot tempatures. 

60.  Sunday- 10/18/15- Denver Rock and Roll Half Marathon-- Downtown Denver-- 1:26:35-- 56 out of 7,189-- 4th place/409 in the 40-44-- 50th male overall. 

61.  Saturday-10/24/15-- Inaugural Cheyenne Mountain State Park 8.8 mile-- 2nd overall award-- about 1 minute behind Tommy Manning and was gaining on him on the downhill- 1:02:40.   This race will get longer each year as the New Dixon trail is built up finishing at half marathon on top of Cheyenne Mtn. 

62.  Saturday- 10/31/15-- YMCA Creepy Crawl 5k-- Palmer Lake- 3rd male overall- 4th overall- nice and sunny- out and back on Santa Fe trail at 7,200 feet with a slight gradual climb back up to the finish.   Getting over a little head cold. 

63.  Saturday Night--11/7/15-- Walt Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon-- Florida--  Florida was beautiful and humid and the race started at 10:45 pm at night on Saturday night at 80 degrees and 100% humidity and a lightning storm.   Because of the storm, they shortened the race to 7.1 miles so we ran a 7.1 mile race-- I placed 15th overall out of 15,000 + racers-- 2nd place 40-44 award--time=42:20.   And I received the Coast to Coast challenge medal for completing a Disney race in both California and Florida in a Calendar year.   

64.  Saturday- 11/14/15-- Las Vegas Rock and Roll 5k-- 18:09- 5:51 pace-10th overall out of 16,786-- 2nd 40-44-- 6pm at night road race.  My first Vegas Rock and Roll 5k. 

65.  Sunday-  11/15/15-- Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon-- 123rd overall out of 23,046-- 8th -40-44-- 1:27:03 chip time--6:39 pace.  My first Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon- race took place right on the strip-- I started the race late but my chip time was accurate-- I had a slow start as I had to pass the first two corrals as they were crowded.   It was also very windy with 50 mph winds and a light rain at the end of the half marathon as I was finishing. 

66. Thursday-11/27/15--  Briargate YMCA Turkey Trot--  5k-- 19:45-- 22nd overall-- 19th overall male-- on rolling icy streets-- very cold, same rolling course as last year.  I also have backed off of training at this time. 

67.  Saturday- 12/5/15-- The Fa Lalala half marathon- Westminister, Denver-- This was a slightly rolling out and back course on a mixture of concrete path and muddy trails.   It was cold and muddy conditions.  My right hamstring was tight and hurt.   9th overall-- 1st place 40-44.  1:31.  Now I was actually 7th overall as two guys that I would have beaten cut the course at the turnaround point and caught me at the  very end.  I didn't make a big deal out of it because I know I can kick both of their jabronee asses on any given day at any race !!!!!

68.  Saturday- 12/12/15-- The Santa Stampede 10k-- Hudson Gardens, Denver--  The USA Track and Field 10k championship-- 17th overall-- 1st place USA Track and Field Association 40-44 Champion-- 40:03.  Cold, snowing, slippery on the paved bike path.   Right hamstring pain. 

69.  Saturday- 12/19/15-- Christmas Carol Classic 10k-- City Park, Denver-- 10k was about 99% a sheet of ice, kind of like how the Turkey Trot was at Briargate on Thanksgiving-- not good traction, no chance of any fast racing-- plus I also had a bandage that was on my right hamstring fall off at the start so I had to stop for about 20 seconds and pull it off and get back to the race-- but I still came back and placed 2nd in the 40-49-- 41:00-- 12th overall with one Kenyan female beating me.  I should have at least won the master's tiltle but I came back within seconds of all three of them.     Right hamstring better - just tight on the upper hamstring. 




THIS IS MY ATHLINKS LINK AND WILL DISPLAY MOST OF MY RACE RESULTS AND INCLUDES MANY OUT OF CITY AND STATE  RACES--  *note: this still doesnt give me justice as I have been racing for over 30 years.


* THIS IS MY LINK TO MY LOCAL COLORADO SPRINGS RACING RESULTS AS SEEN ON THE FINISH LINE INDEX ( Note: it does not contain my out of town or out of State races.





  • 14 total ascents
  • My ascent PR= 2:29:56- (2012)
  • 4 top tens- 7th-2006; 10th-2008; 9th-2009; 9th-2012
  • 2 Overall Master championships --
  • 2013-- 1st Master overall--2:44
  • 2015- Ascent-- 1st Master Overall- 12th male overall- 2:45:43- tough conditions with dropping barometric pressure.
  • (3) age group places:  2010-- 1st place 35-39 at the World Mountain Running Association championship-- 2:37; 2007- 2nd place- 35-39; 2004- 1st place- 30-34




  • 9 Total Barr Trail Mountain Races
  • My PR=1:37:11
  • 6 top tens/ best place = 4th overall
  • 2015- 7th overall-1st Master Overall-$100 bucks prize money- Master's Rail Spike.
  • 2015 --Barr Trail Mountain Race re-cap video created by Allie McLaughlin













My Coaches over the years:  


Coach Spell -the running God


Coach Anstey - the "Coach" 

Craig Young- #1 Master Runner in the World





KAYLI TABARES-  "THE BEST EVER" -My pupil I have had the honor of coaching    






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At 9:14pm on August 13, 2013, CJ Hitz said…

I think we're getting some of our training secrets from the same people :-)

At 7:47am on April 24, 2011, Brian McCarrie said…
Hey Gerald, I'm loving what you've done on your profile page with the individual results and the photos. This is a great example of what a profile page should be. Great job!

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