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24 Hours of Colorado Springs


National Champion Cam Chambers' race report

I had been excited about 24 hour Nationals for months. Ever since I made the commitment to race back in the late Spring all of my riding had been with the aim to go as fast as I could around and round the 13 mile lap in Palmer Park. Of course I was motivated to try and win the title on home turf and represent in front of so many friends, family and other supporters. Having been to the start line of a Solo 24 hour race 15 times before, I would be lying to say that I was not motivated by fear as well. You do not just go into the pain cave, you go inside set up camp and stay awhile. If you are going into one of these races with the objective of “try and win” you better make sure you have physically prepared to the best of your ability to hopefully shed a little light into the darkness. Read the rest of it ...

Tracy Thelen (2nd, two-person mixed team) race report
While my Pikes Peak Sports team mate Cameron has been on a roll, winning almost everything in sight, it was different end to season for me. I also raced at 24 Colorado Springs this year - my first time for this race. Last year, Nick raced solo single speed and I ran his pit. This year, we stuck together for our Duo Mixed attempt at a Stars and Stripes Jersey. We knew it was going to be tough - there were some very strong teams signed up. In the end, we placed second to Sonya Looney and Jon Davis. But it was a solid race and some fun riding. Read more...

Photos, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 ** Gallery 3, finish line and podium

Video, Race Start and Cam Chambers and Tinker Juarez racing on Lap 1 ** Interview with Cam Chambers, solo champ ** Interview with Steven Thompson** Interview with Kerri Willis ** Interview with Kyle Bloesser and team


2011 24 Hours of Colorado Springs

Top finishers

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VIDEO: Start of 24 Hours of Colorado Springs
THE COURSE: Area riders say Palmer Park is the perfect venue for 24-Hour National Championship
WHO'S IN?:Rider/Team list

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