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Quickest times: Up 26 mins round trip down Barr Trail 48 mins

I've taken lots of people to the incline both to run and hike and wish I could do it more. If I get to do 3 or four times a month I am lucky because of time constraints, but I always park away form Barr Trailhead and start at the actual bottom of the incline. The experience is essential part of the lifestyle of Colorado Springs/Manitou.

 It's a great opportunity and experience-for both me and my dog. She is leashed most of the time, but even when I let her off she is under voice command, and cleaning up after is simple, it's the people that leave the poop bag on the trail instead of taking it with them that is bad for all of us. Let's be honest if it wasn't on the trail, even if you through into the woods off the side of the mountain out of the way it would be like a bear or dear or some wild animal pooping in the woods, no one cares. It's the fact that it is within site and that we, and our pets then actually leave an impact that affects both us and the environment we cherish so much.

The problem lies with how do we train the 10% of people that ruin it for the rest of us? That's a tough nut to crack. Personal responsibility and Common Sense are probably the two hardest things to enforce and expect. Most of us have it. Those who don't ruin it for the rest of us.

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