Calling all Pikes Peak Sports females! Become a GIRLS ON THE RUN COACH this Fall!

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Our region needs your help!  The time commitment is 2 days a week for 1.5 hours each day. (usually right after school lets out 4-5:30 p.m.) from September 8-November 15.  You can request a site nearest you or a location you wish to support (such as the Colorado Springs Community Centers - selfless plug! :-)  You don't have to be an avid runner...simply serve as a mentor for getting girls active and helping them build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  I guarantee a rewarding experience!

Hope you can join us! 

I might be interested in working near Lewis-Palmer Middle School, if that is available. Problem is, I am still looking for a job, so unsure what my schedule might be by then. If I can, I'd love to help!

I would like to participate and help. I am in Colorado Springs. I am full time employed, but would would like to devote some well-needed time to the girls in need.

Great, Kirsten! Thanks so much for your interest in helping! Please email
She coordinates all the coaches, can direct you to the coaches sign up, and get you info on the training. If you already have a site in mind, tell her. For example, if you live or work near a site or have a particular interest in serving the girls in our community center sites. If it's community centers, then I would be happy to chat more specifics with you too about those sites at

I'm not the fastest…usually bring in the rear but I like to have fun while I run, motivate others along the way.  I just submitted my 'coach' application in for Fall consideration.  Excited!

Fantastic, Christina! You are perfect for coaching! Girls on the Run is so much more than how well we teaches and empowers girls about healthy lifestyles, choosing to be and stay positive, choosing healthy activities, encouraging and supporting others, feeling good about yourself, and building self confidence. Thanks for signing up!


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